Конспект открытого урока в 9 классе Тема: Личное письмо icon

Конспект открытого урока в 9 классе Тема: Личное письмо

НазваниеКонспект открытого урока в 9 классе Тема: Личное письмо
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Конспект открытого урока в 9 классе

Тема: Личное письмо.

Цели: Подготовка учащихся к итоговой государственной аттестации.

Задачи: Обучающие:

  • познакомить учащихся с жанром личного английского письма;

  • определить особенности этого жанра;

  • тренироваться в написании письма другу;


  • развивать умение написания дружеского письма;


  • способствовать возрождению эпистолярного жанра.

Ход урока:

I Организационный момент.

- Good morning. I’m glad to see you today.

- Who is on duty today? Tell us about day and the date. Who is absent?

^ II Сообщение цели урока.

-Well, today we have an interesting lesson as we are going to learn the types, structure and style of personal letters. Приложение 5, Слайд №1-2.

- But first let’s find out what the letter is.

III Речевая разминка.

- A letter. What does it mean? Give the definition (A letter is a written/printed message addressed to a person or organization. ^ Приложение 5, Слайд №3

- Why do people write letters?

- Whom can we write letters? (Such letters are called personal – a letter dealing with personal affairs. Приложение 5, Слайд №3

- Do people often write letters nowadays? Why?

- What purpose do you write a personal letter with?

^ IV Введение теоретического материала “Типы личных писем».

- A type of a personal letter is chosen according to the purpose of writing.

Приложение 5, Слайд № 4-5

- Types of personal letters:

  • a letter giving your news;

  • a letter congratulating someone;

  • a reply to a party invitation;

  • a letter asking for suggestions/ advice;

  • a thank-you letter;

  • a letter of apology;

  • a letter asking for/ giving advice;

  • a letter asking for/ giving information; etc.

V Первичное закрепление теоретического материала.

- Let's do the exercises. Name the type of the letters. You can see just the extracts but that’s enough.

Приложение 5, Слайд № 6

1. Hi!

How are you? I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about what happened last Monday.

2. Dear Grandma,

Thanks SO much for the birthday present. I absolutely loved it!

3. Dear Matt,

Hi! I haven’t heard from you for ages so I thought I’d drop you a line.

4. Hi Jane!

Sorry to hear that you are not getting well with your brother. May be I can help!

- Let's check up.

1- a letter of apology

2- a thank-you letter

3- a letter giving your news

4- a letter giving advice

VI Активизация грамматического материала.

- Render the content of extracts using the Reported Speech.

1. Mike wrote that he was so sorry about what had happened.

2. Sam wrote to his granny that he absolutely had loved it.

3. Ted wrote that he hadn’t heard from him for ages.

Приложение 5, Слайд №7

VII Введение структуры личного письма.

- You have seen the extracts of personal letters and now it’s time to get acquainted with rules of writing personal letters.

- Well, a personal letter has a certain structure. Look at the smart board.

Приложение 2

- You can see the sheets of paper where you can find an example of a personal letter. We are going to use it as the example.

- What should we write first?

Приложение 5, Слайд №8-16.


Your address

  • The address is written in the upper right corner.

  • The address is written in the reverse order: the number of the house, the name of the street, the name of the town, the name of the country.

  • We don’t put comma between the number of the house and the name of the street.


    • The date is written fully under the address.

  • First we put the month, then the number without any articles or prepositions.

  • Then we put the year.

  • We don’t put any marks after the date.

Salutation/ Greeting

  • Put two intervals before the salutation.

  • The salutation is written from the beginning of the line.

  • Here are several variants of it:

Dear Jane,

Dear Aunt Carroll,

Hi, Peter,

Hi Greg,

My darling,

  • Don’t use “Dear Friend”!!!

  • Put comma (,) after the salutation.

Opening remarks

  • Put one interval after the salutation.

  • The 1st sentences are the opening sentences.

  • Write them from the indention (красная строка).

  • The opening sentences usually includes reference (ссылка) to the previous contact: greeting for the letter + apology for long silence

  • Use: Many thanks for your letter.

Thanks for your letter.

  It was very nice to hear from you.   

It was so good to hear from you.

Thanks for your recent letter.

I’m sorry I haven’t written for so long, but.

I really should have written sooner.

I must apologize for not writing.

    I’m terribly sorry that.

Sorry I didn’t get in touch before, but.

Body of the letter

  • It usually consists of several paragraphs.

  • Each paragraph begins from the new indention.

  • Each paragraph inserts the information on one topic.

  • For example, in one paragraph you can answer the questions of your pen-friend, telling about yourself.

  • The next paragraph may be devoted to your questions or your requests on a certain topic.

Closing remarks

  • From the new paragraph write the closing sentence. Don’t forget about the indention.

  • In the closing sentence you can send your regards (передать привет), express your hope to get soon answer or meet soon.

  • Here are several variants of it:

That’s all for now. I hope to hear from you soon.

Get in touch soon.

Look forward to hearing all about you.

Looking forward to soon meeting.

Please keep in touch.

Give my regards to….

Complimentary close

  • From the new paragraph write the complimentary close. Don’t forget about the indention.

  • In this part you can use the following phrases:

I love you so much,

Lots of love,


Best wishes,

All the best,

With love,

Yours (ever),

  • Put comma (,) after the complimentary close.


  • Put your signature under the complimentary close.

  • Leave one interval before your signature.

  • Don’t put the dot (.) after your name.

  • In personal letters we put just the name in the signature without any surname:



(Во время презентации все элементы структуры личного письма исследуются на примере письма, которое заранее получили учащиеся.)

Приложение 1

VIII Первичное закрепление структуры личного письма.

- Let’s repeat the structure of the personal letter.

^ Приложение 5, Слайд №17

IX Введение стилистических особенностей личного письма.

- It's time to speak about the style and the language of personal letters. You see it’s the letters to the pen-friends so we should use simple colloquial words. Such letters have certain peculiarities. Look at the smart board please.

Приложение 5, Слайд №18-19

“Informal style:

  • Informal greeting (Dear Jack, Darling)

  • Colloquial expressions, abbreviations (To tell the truth, at all, It’s OK, I’d really like, There’s something else I’ve got to tell you, info, grandad, folks (=family) )

  • Contracted forms (don’t go, that’s why, I’d better)

  • Incomplete sentences - the dropping of the subject (Happy to have received your letter. Great news about your brother!)

  • Informal vocabulary (I’ll be late for the party. It’s because of my French exam. Well, I think that's about all I wanted to say.)

  • Phrasal verbs (get on, see off, give back)

  • Active Voice (You gave me)

  • Informal linking words (well, so, anyway, too, but, that’s why, besides, to tell the truth, just now, and, at all, also, now)

  • Informal ending (Lots of love, Love, Best wishes, All the best, Yours)

  • Informal signature (Jane, Susan)

  • Exclamation marks (Get in touch soon!)»

X Первичное закрепление стилистических особенностей личного письма.

- Look at the smart board and do the task. You can see the letter. It is an informal letter to a pen-friend. Choose the words that are suitable to this type of a letter.

^ Приложение 5, Слайд №20

Приложение 2

«361 Avenida Campinas,

San Paulo, Brasil.

July 29, 2007

Dear Ken/ Dear Sir,

Thanks/ Thank you for your letter.

I’m sorry I haven’t written/ I have not written for so long but I was preparing for my trip to Switzerland. I want/ I would like to go there for a couple of/ two weeks. Last month I won a language competition and I was given/ the organizers gave me a free voucher as a prize.

I will contact you/ I’ll drop you a line after the trip.

I am looking forward to hearing from you/ Look forward to hearing all about you.

Best wishes,/ Yours faithfully,

Bob/ Bob Green»

XI Контроль усвоения нового теоретического материала.

- The next task you should do by yourselves, it’s a test. Put the parts of the following personal letter into the right order, name the type of it and find the elements of informal style. Mind the places of the parts in the letter.

Приложение 3

Приложение 4

- Check yourself.

“361 Avenida Campinas,

San Paulo, Brazil.

14 June, 2008

Dear Kate,

Thanks for your letter. It is so nice to get news about you and your family.

I think you are not quite fair towards your parents. Well, sometimes parents are tiresome, but they love you and are trying to do their best to support you.

Just now I can't imagine living without my parents. But when I get married and am independent of them, I'd prefer to live alone. I think it'll be better for both me and my parents.

Well, I must finish now. My mother is calling me.

Best wishes,


  1. – 8; b) – 4; c) – 1: d) – 2; e) – 7; f) – 6; g) – 5; h) – 3

Type- a letter giving advice/information

XII Подведение итогов и домашнее задание.

- Well, it’s time to sum everything up. Thank you for your work. Today we’ve studied how to write a personal letter. At home you’ll practice in it.

- Your home task is to write a letter to your pen-friend about your relations with parents.

- Your marks are...

- Thank you for the lesson, it's over. Good-buy.

Приложение 5, Слайд №21


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